Key Elements To Get Out Of A Turntable Wrapping Machine

If you plan on securing boxes to pallets to make them easier to ship, then you'll want to purchase a turntable wrapping machine. It conveniently secures stretch wrap around boxes to keep them contained on pallets all throughout shipping. You'll feel great about this investment if you focus on getting a model with several things.

Optimal Containment Force

Something you'll need to refine when using a turntable wrapping machine is how tight stretch wrap is secured to boxes on pallets. This is known as containment force and it needs to be optimal so that boxes remain secure on pallets regardless of what activity they're subject to when shipped out to different areas.

Containment force can vary from model to model. You just need to see how different models are calibrated to move stretch wrap across boxes, verifying this design aspect is perfect and will remain so for years. 

Dependable Wrapping Efficiency

Another key performance aspect of a turntable wrapping machine is how efficient it is at securing stretch wrap around boxes and pallets. The more efficient this performance aspect is, the less waste you'll have to deal with ultimately. 

You can better understand this spec by seeing turntable wrapping equipment perform in real-time. Find an expo where these machines are showcased to the public, and then review the wrapping performance of as many models as possible to know what the best investment is from an efficiency standpoint. 

Zero Product Damage

One thing you don't want happening when using turntable wrapping equipment is for the products being secured to pallets with stretch wrap to damage in any way. These costs would come out of your pocket and if product damage happened repeatedly, that's a tough financial whole to deal with. 

For this reason, make sure you get a turntable wrapping machine that has optimal designs to keep damage from happening. Several things will affect this like how the turntable platform moves, how stretch wrap is secured to your products, and how precise this machine is overall. Review these attributes until you know for certain you've found a model that will keep product damage from surfacing often.

If you want to make securing stretch wrap to goods on pallets more convenient of a process, you can invest in a turntable wrapping machine. You'll get the most out of one too if you find certain qualities when buying from a supplier or manufacturer. For more information on why you should buy turntable wrapping equipment, contact a professional near you.

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