Pallet Wrapper Usage And Care Tips

A pallet wrapper can help your employees to be far more effective and efficient as preparing products and supplies to be moved. When investing in a pallet wrapping system, there are some guidelines that may need to be followed.

Service The Turntable Motor

Rather than using a mechanical arm to wrap the plastic around the items on the pallet, these systems will use a turntable system that will spin the pallet so that the plastic wrap can be applied. This turntable's motor will experience major wear due to the intense weight that it may need to support and the extensive use that it will experience. When it is being serviced, any worn components of this motor will be replaced, additional lubrication will be added and the turntable will be properly balanced. Unless your business has an employee on staff with extensive experience working on these systems, you should leave this work to a professional pallet wrapping service.

Properly Store The Plastic Wrap

You will find that you need to keep large rolls of plastic wrap in storage. Unfortunately, plastic wrap that is not properly stored can severely degrade. This may cause the plastic to be unable to properly cling to the items on the pallet. Also, if mold or other substances start growing on the plastic, this could be transferred to the items on the pallet. Whenever you have large rolls of plastic wrap to store, it is imperative to store them in an area with extremely dry air. Otherwise, condensation could form on the plastic, which could lead to these issues.

Invest In Safety Barriers

Being in close proximity to a pallet wrapper that is in operation can be fairly dangerous due to the spinning pallet. Keeping people from getting too close to it will be essential for reducing the risk of injuries occurring or the pallet wrapper suffering serious damage. One of the most effective options for this will be to install guardrails around the pallet wrapper. This may take up some of your floor space, but the safety benefits can be invaluable.

Hold Regular Employee Training Sessions

Ensuring that employees have adequate training with the pallet wrapper should be another key concern. When employees are insufficiently trained to use these devices, the odds of a problem occurring will greatly increase. Sadly, even well-training employees can develop bad or unsafe habits when using these machines. Hold training review sessions every few months can allow you to reinforce safe and efficient practices when using the pallet wrapper.

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