Dry Ice Blasting: A Safe And Effective Way To Clean Industrial Equipment

If you use delicate or expensive machines and parts in your factory, you want to keep your equipment as clean as you possibly can. However, traditional cleaning systems and chemicals can be too harsh and abrasive to clean your equipment properly. You can use dry ice blasting to clean your equipment. Learn more about dry ice blasting and how to use it to clean your equipment below.

What's Dry Ice Blasting?

Even the most expensive machines and parts can become dirty or soiled with thick oil and other debris over time. If you don't remove the debris properly, it can damage your machines and place your factory at risk for failure. Dry ice blasting removes all types of debris from machines and their parts, including electrical contacts, magnets, and rotors. 

Dry ice blasting relies on solid carbon dioxide and compressed air to clean surfaces. Unlike rotary brushes and other abrasive tools, which can potentially scratch or deface surfaces, carbon dioxide and compressed protect surfaces from damage. The solid dry ice pellets used in dry ice blasting gently dislodge and blow debris away from the surfaces of your machines. You don't need to refinish or repair your equipment after you clean it. 

Dry ice blasting doesn't require you to dismantle or take apart your machines for cleaning. The compressed air used in dry ice blasting can penetrate even the smallest spaces inside your machines, including the spaces between and around electrical contacts. 

You can experience the benefits of dry ice blasting above and more by scheduling an appointment with an industrial cleaning company today. 

What Happens Before and During the Cleaning?

An industrial cleaning company will need to prepare your machines for dry ice blasting before they begin. If the flooring around your machines contains oil, grease, or large amounts of dirt, a company will remove the debris before they blast your equipment. It's important to keep the work area clean and safe during the cleaning.

A company may also place floor mats or other coverings around your machines to keep debris within the work area. The coverings make it easier for a company to vacuum up the debris after the cleaning. If a company needs to take other safety precautions before the cleaning, they'll inform you about them immediately.

You and your staff may need to stay clear of your machines during the cleaning. Although dry ice blasting is relatively safe, the pellets and compressed air may cause some discomfort to people who have allergies or other sensitivities to dry ice. A company will go over any safety guidelines or precautions with you before they clean your machines.

Learn more about dry ice blasting and how it may help you by contacting an industrial cleaning provider today.

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