Have An Idea You Want To Bring To Life? Call A Lawyer And 3D Printing Design Professional

If you have an idea for an invention or a component but you aren't sure what it would look like once you get the idea out your mind and into reality, you want to talk with a lawyer and some professional 3D printers. There is a professional process that you can get started that you can use to determine what the product could be. Here is a quick process you can look into to see if your idea could be the next big thing, and to make sure that no one tries to steal that idea.

Get a Patent

One of the first things that you want to do is get a patent for your idea. This would require you to get in touch with a lawyer, and then you will file the necessary paperwork to see if you can get your patent approved. There is a process, from the application to the approval, and then how long you have to act on the patent, so make sure that you understand the legal process when you get started.

Find a 3D Printing Service  

If you can find a 3D printing service that can create a mock part of what you want to build, or even an actual part, this is a great way to have something to show the engineers and creators or designers that you will be working with.

You can sit down and talk with the printing professionals about the type of item you need to make, your expected dimensions and size, and what you want the unit to look like. They may be able to print out the component in the following materials:

  • Metal like titanium, alumnide, brass, or stainless steel
  • Plastics ad rubber
  • Cardboard or paper

You will have to figure out what would be the best material to show what the product would be like, or what the product could be constructed of before you print.

You don't want the idea that could make you famous or change your life to be an invention that someone else comes up with, just because you didn't take action on your own intellectual property. Instead, you want to take the time to find a lawyer so you can discuss the odds of you getting the patent approved, and then start working with the people who can make your idea a reality and then potentially a business.

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